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ATMS and Bank offices(312) 90 59 59
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1st place

Market share: 14,3%

Credits to customers

1st place

Market share: 16,6%

Customer’s deposit base

1st place

Market share: 16,2%

Net profit

1st place

Market share: 23,0%

Optima Bank seeks to be a modern bank, monitors banking sector’s innovation and improves quality of service for customers. Optima Bank is a sound and stable financial institute, a bank with a good balance sheet structure, diversified credit and deposit portfolio and well-balanced geographical coverage throughout the Kyrgyzstan.

High quality and prompt servicing at world standard’s level in 52 representative offices of the Optima Bank throughout the entire Kyrgyzstan

“Optima Bank” is a:

Top bank
Around 1100 employees in more than 52 departments throughout the Kyrgyzstan services more than 218 000 customers
Strong bank
The Bank has been operating in Kyrgyzstan since 1992, it enjoys more than 25 years successful history with unassailable reputation


Client-centered bank
Full service banking eagerly sought by clients. An ongoing dialogue with clients to find out their requirements and needs
High-technology bank
Constant introduction of innovations and automation of banking processes
Convenient internet banking and mobile banking services

For more than 25 years of active and stable operation, the Bank has confidently cracked the top three leaders of the Kyrgyz Republic banking system and gained a reputation of the most dynamically developing Bank, reliable partner that respects the interests of its customers and shareholders. The Bank was repeatedly recognized as a leader in categories “The Best Bank of Kyrgyzstan”, “The Best Listing Bank” and “Issuing Bank of the Year”.


In 2011 - 2018 the Optima Bank won high prize “Bank NUMBER 1” at the International Festival in Kyrgyzstan “Choice of the Year”.

In 2018-2019, the mobile application OPTIMA24 from the “Optima Bank” was found as the Best Mobile Banking Application of the Kyrgyz Republic according to the Global Banking and Finance Review.

“Optima Bank” received the EBRD award for achievements in the field of trade finance in 2018. Following the results of 2017, “Optima Bank” was recognized as the most active issuing bank of the Kyrgyz Republic in the framework of the Trade Facilitation Program (TFP) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

“Optima Bank” became the winner in the “Standard of Reliability and Development” nomination at the international award “Financial and Banking Elite of Eurasia”, established by the Financial and Banking Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation (FBA EAS) in 2017.

In 2010 - 2017 “Optima Bank” was annually awarded a certificate as a “Best Bank of Kyrgyzstan” for the 1st place in the banks’ rating in the Kyrgyz Republic according to the results of financial activity conducted

In 2018, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Trade Facilitation Programme, TFP) (EBRD) rewarded the “Optima Bank” with the “The most active emitting bank of the trade financing”. At the end 2017, the Bank became an active emitting bank in the Kyrgyz Republic as a part of the Trade Facilitation Programme of the EBRD.

In 2014,2016,2018 The “Optima Bank” OJSC has been recognized as the best in Kyrgyzstan Domestic Technology &Operations Bank of the Year (award to be given to financial institutes, which distinguished themselves in using advanced technology while committing bank transactions).

Domestic Retail Bank of the Year 2014 and Domestic Retail Bank of the Year 2016 (Best Domestic Retail Bank 2014 and 2016) according to the version of the “Asian Banking and Finance” finance edition.

In 2014, the Deutsche Bank presented “STP Excellence Award” prestigious award to the “Optima Bank” OJSC following the results of 2013 making a note “For high level in making payments in USD”.


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USD 69.7500 69.9000
EUR 76.7000 77.7000
RUB 1.0880 1.0980
KZT 0.1770 0.1850
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USD 69.8500
EUR 77.4846
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