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ATMS and Bank offices(312) 90 59 59
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Rules to submit complaints and suggestions

Dear Customers!
We are glad to hear your wishes enabling us to improve servicing. You can act as a “conductor”, who will help our bank “orchestra” play better. That is why we appeal to every customer – “Become our conductor!”
Our objective is to ensure a high level of customers’ satisfaction through qualitative servicing, therefore your suggestions, complaints and comments we receive and consider with due diligence are our most valuable information.
We are ready to receive your suggestions, complaints and comments in any form suitable for you:
  • through books and boxes of complaints and suggestions available in all departments of the Bank;
  • through e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  •  through the link “Comments and Complaints” on the official website of the Bank (http://www.optimabank.kg/comments-and-complaints/leave-a-suggestion.html);
  • through sending a letter to the mail address: 493, Zhibek Zholu Avenue, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 720070
  • 24-hour/7days Contact Center: (312) 90 59 59, 0-800-100-00-00 (call is free from the fixed phones of “Kyrgyztelecom” OJSC); through short number 1001 for free calling of Beeline and Megacom users; 

We kindly ask you to specify your full name, contact data: postal address, phone number, e-mail irrespective of what kind of communication channel you choose.
A customer is also entitled to apply to the Bank with the request on a personal meeting with the Head of the Bank or a Branch Office. The Heads may meet customers at any time during business hours of the Bank.
The Optima Bank provides written answers to complains and proposals of customers, if they are not anonymous. It shall take 10 business days to consider an appeal and prepare a reply from the date when appeal was registered. If your appeal requires more time for consideration, you will be additionally informed about it.
Follow the link below to review the extract from the Provision on acceptance and consideration of complaints and proposals from the customers of the “Optima Bank” OJSC:

We highly appreciate comments of our customers and use them to improve servicing quality. Each of your applications is another step towards our collective success, your gift to our Bank.
Thank you for your trust! Welcome to Optima Bank!


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Currency rates

Cash Rates

09/26/2020 Buy Sell
USD 79.4000 79.7000
EUR 91.8000 93.3000
RUB 1.0150 1.0350
KZT 0.1800 0.1950
All rates

Cashless Rates

26.09.2020 Buy Sell
USD 79.2000 79.8000
EUR 92.0000 93.7000
RUB 1.0200 1.0500
KZT 0.1800 0.1950
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

26.09.2020 Buy Sell
USD 79.4000 79.7000
EUR 91.8000 93.3000
RUB 1.0150 1.0350
KZT 0.1800 0.1950
All rates

NBKR Rates

26.09.2020 Rate
USD 79.4998
EUR 92.6530
RUB 1.0349
KZT 0.1865
All rates
Установленные курсы покупки и продажи наличной и безналичной иностранных валют действуют на сумму 5 тыс. долларов США или эквивалент 5 тыс. долларов США в других иностранных валютах. По операциям на суммы свыше 5 тыс. долларов США, курс устанавливается Управлением казначейства ОАО “Оптима Банк” по договоренности.