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History of bank development


On December 30, 2020, upon receiving the regulatory approvals from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Jýsan Bank acquired 99.76% of ATFBank shares, the parent company of “Optima Bank” OJSC in Kyrgyzstan.

According to the terms of the transaction, ATFBank equity capital in the amount of KZT 124 billion (KGS 24 billion) was used to create additional provisions. After covering the losses by the current shareholder, Jýsan Bank conducted additional capitalization of ATFBank in the amount of KZT 97 billion (KGS 19 billion), having formed a sufficient level of equity capital as per the requirements of the regulator.

All customer services of Optima Bank continued to operate normally. For Optima Bank, strengthening of the parent company, ATFBank, and joining the strong financial group Jýsan means confirming the reliability and developing new digital services. This event is expected to accelerate our transformation to digital bank and contribute to growth of our customers’ wealth.

In September 2013, the Bank continued its work under a new progressive brand Optima Bank.

Since September 3, 2013 a firm (full official) name of the Bank:
- InRussian: Открытое Акционерное Общество «Оптима Банк»
- InKyrgyz: «Оптима Банк» Ачык Акционердик Коому
- In English: “Optima Bank” Open Joint Stock Company.

From January 2008 Open Joint Stock Venture “ATF-Bank Kyrgyzstan” automatically became a member of UniCredit Group and bank became a full member of UniCredit Group.

In 2007 between Austrian bank Bank Austria-Creditanstalt AG UniCredit Group subdivision and private shareholders of Joint- Stock Company “ATF-Bank” (Kazakhstan), including subsidiary Open Joint Stock Venture “ATF-Bank Kyrgyzstan” signed agreement about buying control packet of ATF-Bank shares by UniCredit Group bank:

The 21st of June 2007 Bank Austria - Creditanstalt AG (UniCredit Group subdivision for commercial and bank operations in Central and Eastern Europe) and private shareholders of Joint stock company “ATF-Bank” signed agreement about buying the majority packet of ATF-Bank shares.

November 2007 Bank of Austria Creditanshtalt (BA-CA), subdivision of UniCredit Group for commercial banking operations in Central and Eastern Europe, finished the process of buying 91.8% from the whole shares capital of “ATF-Bank”. The approximate price of deal is 2.117 million $ (approximately 1.452 million of Euros).

The 14th of December 2006 Bank passed State re-registration in Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Justice in connection with the change of name to “ATF-Bank Kyrgyzstan”.

The 12th of December 2006, authorized fund of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” was increased to 500 million soms. Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” is among leaders of Kyrgyzstan banking system on this index.

The 29th of November 2006 Joint stock company “ATF-Bank” bought 5864685 of simple shares (State registration number KG 0110071014 from the 14th of November 2006) on sum 293234250 soms. After conducting the deal share of Joint-stock company “ATF-Bank” became 94,17%.

On the 20th of October 2006 extraordinary general session of Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” was conducted. During the session the decisions about introducing a new Committee of directors composition, and the issue about renaming Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” were made. By the results of session a new Committee of Boards consisted of Kuanishev T.J.- Head of Directors Committee, Sartkaziev B.E.- Vice Head of Directors Committee, Mashabaeva F.K., Askatova G.M., and Asanbekov A.K.-Member of Directors Committee. Shareholders voted unanimously for adopting the new name of bank- Open Joint Stock Venture “ATF-Bank Kyrgyzstan”.

On the 18th of August 2006 for expanding the branches geography in Kyrgyzstan the new branch of bank in Jalalabat was opened.

By the results of 2005 year “Energobank” became the winner of the fourth national competition “The best Kyrgyzstan bank-2005”, which was conducted by Information agency “AKIpress”. The same year the bank became the winner in nomination “The best listing bank” by the results of annual competition that is conducted by Kyrgyz stock exchange.=

On the 29th of November 2005 the saving bank of Osh branch, which is located on central market of Osh city on Zainibidinova st. Registration number № 018-4-04 from the 29th November 2005 year.

On the 28th of November 2005 year the eighth new branch of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” in Tokmok city on Sovetskaya st. 106 a started working.

In September 2005 year Joint Stock Company “ATF-Bank” bought on a secondary market simple shares of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank”. After the deal the share of Open Joint Stock Company became 73.9%.

On the 14th of July 2005 year Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” entered Kyrgyzstan Banks Association.

On the 19th of May 2005 new Managing directors of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” Esekeyeva S.M. and Davletov B.I. were appointed.

On the 17th of May 2005 new organizational structure of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” was approved by Directors Committee.

On the 26th of April 2005 the first session of newly elected Bank’s Directors Committee was held. On this session new membership of Bank’s board of administration was elected. Shakenov S.Sh. was appointed to the position Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” Acting Board of Directors Head.

On the 26th of April 2005 the general session of shareholders was held. On the session it was decided to increase the number of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” simple shares by the 8th issuance. The whole volume of additional emission was bought by Joint Stock Company “ATF-Bank”. On the general session new Board of Directors was elected: Sartkaziev B.E., Erjanov A.B., Mashabaeva F.K., Beisengaliev B.T., Zakirov B.A.

On the 9th of February 200 new subdivision of Bank (Risk management) was created.

2004 year was the most productive index of many year work of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank”.

The strategic partnership with Joint Stock Company “ATF-Bank”, flexible work and productive cooperation with partners allowed achieving the dynamic development of Bank. In 2004 year Bank increased the authorized fund up to 108.6 million soms, what allowed the bank achieving all banking licenses and becoming universal bank. The strengthening of capital fund allowed the Bank implementing its potential more than in previous years and earning the income 32.4 million soms.

On the 29th of November 2004 the saving bank №018-0-03 in trade center “Silk Way” was opened.

On the 8th of October Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” expanded the geography of its business and conducted a presentation of Bishkek branch announcing by this start of operations in the centre of Bishkek city.

On October 2004 the new service (Individual banking cells) was introduced. For introducing such service “Energobank” has all the necessary conditions to offer safe depository with many level electronic system. Besides this individual cells are protected by security service and workers of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On the 16th of August 2004 Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” started working in frame of correspondent network CONTACT.

June 2004

Thanks to new technologies and change of work methods “Energobank” gained new positions. The interest of foreign investors proves the financial stability of the Bank. One of Kazakhstan banking system leaders “ATF-Bank” invested to leading bank of our country. Share of Joint Stock Company “ATF-Bank” in authorized fund of Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” became 34.4%.

In June 2004 “Energobank” became associate member of payment system VISA International and the Bank plans to start producing own international payment cards.

On the 12th of May 2004 the Second national competition “The Best Kyrgyzstan Bank 2004” awarding ceremony was held in Information agency “AKIpress”. The competition was organized in honor of celebrating the 11th anniversary of introducing national currency-som. Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” became the winner in the nomination “Internet choice” for the second time by the results of poll on “AKIpress” web-page. 13.3% of poll participants voted for Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank”. Users from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, and Uzbekistan participated in the poll.

From February 2004 “Energobank” became the participant of program aimed on financing micro and small business that is implemented by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. This is an important index of any financial institution activity effectiveness. Just 4 banks in the country works in frame of this program. By the 1st of July 2004 Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” financed 137 businesses- projects worth US$ 539 thousand.

On the 16th of February 2004 new saving bank №018-0-02 on Chui st., 180-11 opened.

2003 was highly successful year for Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank”. Thanks to flexible work with clients and fruitful cooperation with partners, our bank successfully has been developing and now it is among the biggest and the most successful banks in the country.

The main events in financial-economic activity of “Energobank”, which occurred in 2003:

Registration of the 7th emission on publishing additional simple shares and announcement of authorized fund in amount of 108.6 million soms;

Negotiations with Joint Stock Company “ATF-Bank” about the investments to authorized fund of the Bank;

Issue of International Payment System “MasterCard International” payment cards on agent agreement with “Promsvyazbank” (Close Joint Stock Company);

The successful result of Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” activity in 2003 became pure profit after taxation in amount of 18.2 million soms. In comparison with the previous period the pure profit of the Bank increased by 188.9%, what in absolute value is 11.9 million soms.

In 2003 the currency balance increased by 63.2% comparing with the previous year. The increase of currency balance was influenced by increase of attracted resources, 71.5% of the Bank’s obligations, and the increase of the Bank’s capital by 24.6%. Attracted and earned resources were put to highly profitable assets items- credits, which increased by 23.3% comparing with 2002.

Expanding the range of offered services and increasing the level of service, the Bank attracted new clients, including both legal persons and individuals. Comparing with the previous period, we can see the tendency of increasing the number of clients, the rate of clients’ number growth is 149.9%. The trust of our clients is the best award for us. In May 2003 Open Joint Stock Company “Energobank” won the prize in nomination “National bank” on the first national competition “The best Kyrgyzstan bank 2002”. The bank cooperated with many big enterprises of country that are working in the following areas: fuel energy complex, light and food industries, communications, transport, trade, and others.

The main event of 2002 was the 10th anniversary of the bank. For 10 years the Bank passed through all the stages of the formation and development, became one of the leading modern Kyrgyzstan banks that offer all types of bank services using leading innovatory technologies.

The new branch in Jalal-Abad city (Lenina st. 55) was opened.

The increase of currency balance comparing with the previous year was not so big, but it was important that there were qualitative: the capital increased by 29%, obligations decreased by 5%, credit bag of the bank decreased by 12%.

The priority item in the Bank assets is crediting. Credit bag on 01.01. 2003 was 191 million soms. In 2002 mortgage crediting was introduced. The strengthening market state of affairs explains the introduction of new products. “Energobank” plans to expand the range of services, that is why it is planned to introduce the crediting on durable goods.

As a result of the Bank active work on currency market, increase of client’s base and offer of modern services the amount of operational income increased. The decrease operational income-operational expenses ratio became also highly important index. This index was 99%, it increased by 9% comparing with the previous 2001 year.

The income was 6.3 million soms (this index increased by 50.7%, comparing with the previous year).

In June 2001 “Kyrgyzenergobank” was renamed to Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank”.

From the 10th of September 2001 Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” started working in a new office equipped with modern technologies. The necessity of moving to a new building can be explained with the growth of clients base (the clients base increased by 2.7 times, from 1105 to 3037).

The Bank was connected to SWIFT system. The availability of such system gives the opportunity to settle correspondent relations with such banks as “Citibank”, “Societe Generale”, and others. The number of payments increased by 17%.

The growth of clients base led to launching the 5th branch in Karakol city. The branches system of the Bank includes five branches, which are located in strategically important cities of the Republic: Kara-Balta, Balykchi, Osh, Talas, Karakol.

For 2001 y. the currency balance increased by 1.3 times ( from 280 586 thousand to 363 022 thousand). The index of positive bank development in 2001 was the increase of given credits volume.

In 2000 year the biggest share in credit bag of the bank had credits given for trade- 46%, in 2001 the priority direction in credits was industry. The share of credits given to companies, working in industrial areas, was 48%.

Along with active operations, there were changes in resources of attracted funds. The increase of balance passive part occurred after the increase of saving deposits by 1.2 times. The biggest growth occurred thanks to increase of saving deposits, what shows the increase of trust to bank, and successfully conducted events, which are connected with retail banking business. The other factor that influenced increase of balance passive part was increase of deposits till enterprises called for, what shows successes in area of attracting new enterprises.

2001 year Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” finished with a pure profit 4 198 thousand soms. The index exceeded planned income by 1.4 times. Percentage income was increased from 30 672 thousand soms to 40 466 thousand soms (by 1.3 times). The percentage income was increased with the help of increase of given credits, intensive work on currency and stock market. As a result of introducing new services and increase of clients base, it became possible to increase operational income by 1.6 times comparing with 2000 year. In spite of increase of operational expenses, the Bank decreased correlation of operational income and operational expenses to the direction of covering expenses by income. In 2000 operational income covered expenses on 66%, by the 1st of January 2001 operational expenses were covered by operational income on 90%.

Considering the position of Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” on financial market of Kyrgyz Republic, it is necessary to emphasize the following changes. The share of bank on actives increased by 3% (from 6% to 9%), the deposit base increased by 4% (from 8% to 12%), the volume of given credits increased by 6% (from 8% to 14%). The Bank saved positions on operations share in Interbank currency market. On all positions described above Open Joint Stock Venture “Energobank” is among top 5 Kyrgyz Republic banks.

“Kyrgyzenergobank” is among Kyrgyz Republic banks, which reached 50 million capitalization level. This fact is considered like the most important index of the bank successful work, which proves the trust of the biggest enterprises and shareholders.

In 2000 “Kyrgyzenergobank” started servicing plastic cards. The terminal for cashing money with the help of international paying system plastic cards “MasterCard”, “EuroCard”, and “Visa” was installed.

As a result of progressive growth in 1999 “Kyrgyzenergobank” strengthened positions on financial market of Kyrgyz Republic and became one of the most stable banks of Republic.

The pure profit of the bank in 1999 was 2 019, 1 thousand soms, this index increased by 84% comparing with 1998. The Bank’s actives sum increased by 263%, the volume of bank’s actives on the 1st of January 2000 was 131 645 thousand soms. The obligations of Bank in 1999 increased by 338%.

As the result of further expanding the branches network, two branches in Balykchi and Kara-Balta cities were opened.

The new top managers team started working in the Bank. New approaches of human resources administration and business orientation on clients’ needs are used in the basis of the Bank work. From this period of time the Bank conducts profitable activity.

The process of transition from command-economy to market- economy became the reason of serious problems in the Bank, as the consequence the temporary administration was introduced.


After the change of founders composition, the Bank was renamed to Kyrgyz commercial bank of development and energy reconstruction, the main aim of the activity- the support of fuel-energy complex enterprises.

The 7th of May 1992

The establishment of Kyrgyz commercial bank of entrepreneurship support “Kyrgyzmelbusinessbank”.


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