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Services for converting the currencies – purchasing or selling non-cash / foreign currency.

The rate for purchases and sales the foreign currency is set on a daily based trading on the interbank foreign exchange market.
For sales or purchases of foreign currencies customers should complete an application form which can be obtained from the relevant department of the Office of Operations, Office of the retail business.

Template of the application for conversion can be downloaded here


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Currency rates

Cash Rates

03/09/2021 Buy Sell
USD 84.8000 84.9000
EUR 100.7000 102.2000
RUB 1.1300 1.1500
KZT 0.1920 0.2120
All rates

Cashless Rates

09.03.2021 Buy Sell
USD 84.6000 84.9000
EUR 100.7000 102.7000
RUB 1.1200 1.1600
KZT 0.1920 0.2120
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

09.03.2021 Buy Sell
USD 84.7500 84.9000
EUR 100.7000 102.2000
RUB 1.1250 1.1500
KZT 0.1920 0.2120
All rates

NBKR Rates

09.03.2021 Rate
USD 84.8000
EUR 101.1579
RUB 1.1394
KZT 0.2022
All rates
Established buying and selling rates of cash and non-cash foreign currencies are valid for the amount of USD 20 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of USD 20 thousand in other foreign currencies. The rate is set by the Treasury Department of “Optima Bank” OJSC by agreement for the transactions with the amounts exceeding USD 20 thousand