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Sheet of key data on potential credit

* The sheet shall not replace a loan agreement or application for a loan, but it helps to compare lending terms of several institutions
SECTION 1. Data on credit
Goals of the credit
Choose currency
Credit amount (the amount you want to receive)
Credit security
Credit repayment method
Credit period (in months)
Interest rate (nominal):
Annual effective interest rate: (includes nominal interest rate and loan servicing costs)
Interest rate (% per month):
Repayment frequency:
One-time payment amount:
Loan servicing costs, particularly:
Commission fee for application processing:
Commission fee for credit issue:
Commission fee of third persons:
tariffs of third persons
Show repayment schedule
Month One-time payment amount Total of maturing interest Principal redemption Outstanding balance after repayment
SECTION 2. Other important conditions
Penalty for violation of credit agreement terms
Late charge shall be applied:
to the one-time payment amount from the date of default from obligation
Credit security
Information contained in sections 1 and 2 hereof is not final and might be changed in the credit agreement.
SECTION 3. As a potential borrower you have the following rights
You are free to choose financial credit institutions and financial service
You are entitled to refuse to sign a credit agreement or other agreement, contract.
You have the right to choose the language of the credit agreement: state (Kyrgyz) or official (Russian).
You are entitled to receive in your hands the draft credit agreement with all attached documents and to seek advice outside the FCI within 1-3 days
You have the right to receive exhaustive information and explanations on the terms and cost of the credit, on payments and credit related settlement procedures (interest, penalty, fine), on your rights and obligations under the credit agreement, risks, consequences and liability for them, as well as other outstanding questions about the credit terms.
After signing the credit agreement, but before actual receipt of funds, you are free to refuse the credit.
If you have any complaints, please call (312) 90 59 59.


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