Optima Bank
ATMS and Bank offices(312) 90 59 59
Skype: OptimaBank

Acceptance of payments for public services

Through payment terminals and also in the offices of "Optima Bank" you can pay for mobile services, Internet provider services, all types of utilities, cable television, fines for traffic violations and other service providers in cash, by VISA payment cards and payment cards of the national payment system ELCART.

Payment terminals are also equipped with the barcode reader that recognizes personal account details of a subscriber, which are printed on receipts of payments for provider’s services that eliminates the need to enter the personal account number and saves your time.

Download a full list of addresses of payment terminals of "OptimaBank" OJSC

You may also use the map of payment terminals, ATMs and offices of "Optima Bank" OJSC

Download the tariffs for payment of goods and services through payment terminals of "Optima Bank" OJSC

Terms and Conditions for Cancellation/Adjustment of Payments

Take advantage of the convenience of payments with the new technologies of “Optima Bank” OJSC!

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You may get connected to Optima24 Internet banking when opening any payment card of the “Optima Bank”



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Currency rates

Cash Rates

01/28/2020 Buy Sell
USD 69.8000 69.9000
EUR 76.7000 77.4000
RUB 1.1140 1.1240
KZT 0.1800 0.1880
All rates

Cashless Rates

28.01.2020 Buy Sell
USD 69.7000 69.9000
EUR 76.6000 77.6000
RUB 1.1150 1.1350
KZT 0.1780 0.1900
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

28.01.2020 Buy Sell
USD 69.7500 69.9000
EUR 76.3000 77.8000
RUB 1.1020 1.1320
KZT 0.1760 0.1910
All rates

NBKR Rates

28.01.2020 Rate
USD 69.8443
EUR 77.1640
RUB 1.1301
KZT 0.1845
All rates