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Consumer credit

The great majority of the people make aware of the fact that they want to have right now, whether it’s a furniture or a car. But the problem is that there are no sufficient funds for such purchase. What should we do? Here is the decision!

Now a purchase or renovation became less burdensome item for the family budget. OJSC “Optima Bank” has developed the consumer crediting program for individuals.
You can receive the consumer credit for:
  • Renovation and house construction;
  • Purchase of durable goods (furniture and household electrical appliances);
  • Vehicle purchase;
  • Conducted tours;
  • Payment for education;
  • Conducting of weddings, etc.
The main conditions of crediting:
  • Credit currency – Soms/USD;
  • The minimum amount of credit - from 200 US dollars or equivalent in soms;
  • Credit term – till 60 months (up to 5 years);
  • Minimum credit term – 3 months;
  • Interest rate – starting from 19% per annum;   
  • Cash advance fee – 0.5 % from the amount of credit;
  • Credit repayment is carried out by equal monthly payments, which include share of credit repayment of loan principal and loan interest. The term of repayment of credit is established in the individual order by the Credit Committee of the Bank;
  • Collateral - real estate commercial/non-commercial values, vehicles and other types of collateral that meet the requirements of the Bank.
Conditions for issuing consumer credit shall be agreed with the Borrower individually.

Preliminary calculation of the effective annual interest rate can be done using the Credit calculator.

 Effective interest rate is of 21.04% per annum


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