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OJSC “Optima Bank” offers you time deposit placement program.

Time deposits can be opened for terms ranging from 1 month to 14 years, both in national and in foreign currency.
OJSC “Optima Bank” offers you the following kinds of individual deposits:

“Optimal income” - is an ability to make additional contributions for the principal amount of the deposit;

”Child’s income” - is accumulation of savings for your child;

“Dobryi” - is a contribution for customers: individuals - pensioners;

“Charitable” - is a contribution for provision of charitable assistance;

“Infinite income” - is an automatic extension of the deposit agreement;

“Substantial income” - is a contribution for a large amount of money.

Additional information on all kinds of time deposits:

  • The “Optima Bank” OJSC is a party to the Deposits Protection System of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Rates of remuneration shall remain fixed during the entire life of the bank deposit agreement;
  • According to conditions of certain types of deposits, income will be earned even if the deposit is withdrawn ahead of schedule;

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Currency rates

Cash Rates

07/24/2021 Buy Sell
USD 84.2000 84.6000
EUR 98.6000 100.1000
RUB 1.1350 1.1500
KZT 0.1910 0.2060
All rates

Cashless Rates

24.07.2021 Buy Sell
USD 84.2000 84.6000
EUR 98.3000 100.3000
RUB 1.1220 1.1620
KZT 0.1910 0.2060
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

24.07.2021 Buy Sell
USD 84.2000 84.6000
EUR 98.6000 100.1000
RUB 1.1350 1.1550
KZT 0.1910 0.2060
All rates

NBKR Rates

24.07.2021 Rate
USD 84.2620
EUR 99.2101
RUB 1.1423
KZT 0.1984
All rates
Established buying and selling rates of cash and non-cash foreign currencies are valid for the amount of USD 5 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of USD 5 thousand in other foreign currencies. The rate is set by the Treasury Department of “Optima Bank” OJSC by agreement for the transactions with the amounts exceeding USD 5 thousand