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Money transfers with opening bank account

OJSC “Optima Bank” offers you an opportunity to provide remittances in the countries of near and far abroad from the bank account opened on your name in the Bank.
Advantages of sending transfer from the account opened in the Bank:
  • Cheap
  • Easy
  • In any point of the countries of near and far abroad with the presence of requisites of the Bank – recipient.
How to transfer money from OJSC “Optima Bank”?
  •  Find out from the Recipient the requisites of the Bank-recipient;
  •  Fill in the Application for transfer in foreign or national currency of an individual;
  •  Deposit money on your bank account and pay the commission for money transfer;
  •  The Bank staff will help you to fill in all the necessary documents;
  •  For transfer receipt you should have your passport.
The Sender will pay the commission of the bank-intermediary and the bank-recipient, i.e. in this case the Sender pays all the sum of the commission for cash transfer.



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Currency rates

Cash Rates

07/17/2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.5500 69.7500
EUR 77.6000 78.6000
RUB 1.1030 1.1130
KZT 0.1770 0.1850
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Cashless Rates

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USD 69.4500 69.8500
EUR 77.3000 78.8000
RUB 1.0900 1.1300
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Payment Cards Rates 

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USD 69.4500 69.7500
EUR 77.2500 79.2500
RUB 1.0900 1.1300
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NBKR Rates

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USD 69.5663
EUR 78.2308
RUB 1.1075
KZT 0.1818
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