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Transfers without opening a bank account

More information about tariffs and commissions can be found at the link:  Tariffs for services for individuals in “Optima Bank” OJSC

1) Interbank transfers – money transfers between branches of the bank via the interbank payment system.

2) Intrabank transfers – money transfers from one bank to another.

3) Transfers via money transfer systems – fast money transfers worldwide.


Public Money Transfer System Offer “Contact”

Send money instantly and securely around the world online

  • SAFE

Make transfers using Contact money transfer system from Optima Bank card online.

  • all over the world - Kyrgyzstan, Russia, near and far abroad countries - more than 170 countries in total;
  • in Russian rubles, US dollars and euros;
  • delivery speed: in real time. The time of issue of the transfer depends on the difference between the time zones of the point of departure and the point of receipt, as well as on the operating mode of the beneficiary bank;
  • SMS-messages about the current status of the money transfer being forwarded to the sender’s mobile phone number;
  • unaddressed payment - the transfer can be received at any CONTACT office in Kyrgyzstan, Russia and neighboring countries.

Basic advantages of the system:

  • the customer can receive and send money in three currencies, and conversion into currency needed for issuance is conducted by the manager immediately, the commission fee is charged only from the sender;  
  • you should not open a foreign currency account to send a transfer;
  • the customer should only submit a passport, no additional certificates are required;
  • when transfer is made to a card, money is credited almost instantly.

Money transfer instructions
on the website

Money transfer instructions
at the place of payment

Commission fees:
Sending from card via Contact system - 0.6%
Crediting to Visa card -0.7%.
Total commission fee -1.3%

Money can be credited to Visa and Elcard cards

You should download the Contact application to make transfers

Moreover, please note that transfers are not sent to the following countries: USA, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Colombia, Burma (Myanmar), Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Lebanon, North Korea, Syria, Sudan.


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Optima24 New Internet Banking Service for Cardholders

Currency rates

Cash Rates

06/05/2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.4000 87.9000
EUR 93.4000 94.4000
RUB 1.0650 1.0900
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

Cashless Rates

05.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.2000 87.6400
EUR 93.4000 94.4000
RUB 1.0400 1.1100
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

05.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.3000 87.8000
EUR 93.2000 94.2000
RUB 1.0540 1.0900
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

NBKR Rates

05.06.2023 Rate
USD 87.5900
EUR 94.3038
RUB 1.0816
KZT 0.1956
All rates
*The rates for buying and selling non-cash foreign currency established by this Order are valid for clients of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

For conversion transactions on demand accounts of individuals, including through the Optima24 application, the rates for buying and selling cash foreign currency established by this Order are applied.

The established rates for buying and selling cash and non-cash foreign currencies are valid for the amount of 25 000 US dollars or the equivalent of 25 000 US dollars in other foreign currencies. For transactions for amounts over 25 000 US dollars, the rate is set by the Treasury Department of Optima Bank OJSC by agreement.