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“Deposit + Instant” - open a deposit and receive an Instant card

Dear customers!

The "Optima Bank" OJSC is pleased to announce that a new “Deposit + Instant” Project will have been launched since March 1, 2019.

Now you have the opportunity to immediately and freely receive a VISA Instant Payment Card when opening a fixed-term deposit or receiving interest on already existing deposits.

By opening a deposit in our bank, you will enjoy:

1. Safety of your money confirmed by the reliability and stability of the Bank for many years,

2.  Be eligible to open a deposit in three currencies (KGS, USD, Rubles)

3.  Monthly interest accrual, particularly to a payment card,

4.  Instant and free receipt of a VISA Instant card

You will be issued a VISA Instant card immediately after you open a deposit, which means you won’t have to wait several days to receive the card. By using this card the next day by registering with Optima24 online banking, you can:

- Make transfers and payments in the Optima24 Internet-banking (utility payments, balance replenishment, transfers to other Bank cards, etc.),
- Commit Internet operations (provided there is access to the same);
- Track card transactions at any time;
- Replenish the deposit online via the Optima24 application;
- withdraw cash from your card at ATMs of the Optima Bank totally free of charge;
You can open a deposit and get a VISA Instant Card at any department of the Bank.