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UnionPay Diamond

UnionPay Diamond card is the most prestigious in the hierarchy of China UnionPay International payment cards.

Currently, China UnionPay Company occupies the 1st (First) place in the world by quantity of issued payment cards.

UnionPay card can be used in 26 million of sales outlets, cash can be withdrawn in more than 1.8 million ATMs in 150 countries and regions worldwide. Distribution prevails in South Asia region, 100% of ATMs in China accept UPI cards. Coverage up to 90% + in the countries of South Asia region:

This map provides brand new exclusive privileges, such as:

  • Medical support/traveler support
    • consultations of medical workers, urgent hospitalization, placing at the medical center;
    • assistance in case of lost luggage, passports, legal support.
  • International support of holders
    • advice on the use of a card;
    • the location of the nearest ATMs;
    • card blocking.
  • Tax refund

as well as:


EnterOptima On-line Legal Entities
Optima24 New Internet Banking Service for Cardholders

Currency rates

Cash Rates

07/17/2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.5500 69.7500
EUR 77.6000 78.6000
RUB 1.1030 1.1130
KZT 0.1770 0.1850
All rates

Cashless Rates

17.07.2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.4500 69.8500
EUR 77.3000 78.8000
RUB 1.0900 1.1300
KZT 0.1750 0.1900
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

17.07.2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.4500 69.7500
EUR 77.2500 79.2500
RUB 1.0900 1.1300
KZT 0.1750 0.1900
All rates

NBKR Rates

17.07.2019 Rate
USD 69.5663
EUR 78.2308
RUB 1.1075
KZT 0.1818
All rates