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VISA Infinite

Visa infinite - a world of endless possibilities

VISA Infinite card is a card of the highest order in a hierarchical system of VISA premium cards issued by the "Optima Bank" OJSC.

The philosophy of VISA Infinite is based on the principle of a "club". In contrast to all other products and services of the Bank, VISA Infinite card grants its holders an access to the elite Private Banking Club, where they can take advantage of additional exclusive privileges at the local and global level.

Exclusively for owners of VISA Infinite card the following services are provided:

  • Insurance for multi-trips with a coverage up to 1 000 000 US dollars;
  • "Concierge" services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 9 languages;
  • VIP escort in airports at any destination in the world and the first line passport control Speed ​​Pass: www.airportspeedpass.com; www.prioritypass.com/VSINCM
  • International program of protection of purchases;
  • Extended warranty;
  • Hotel reservation program: http://www.visaluxuryhotelcollection.com
  • Global customer service (GSAS): +7 727 399 0303
  • Special offers from the Visa partners around the world: www.visapremium.com
  • Special site for the holders of VISA Infinite cards: www.visainfinitecard.com


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Currency rates

Cash Rates

12/14/2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.7000 69.8500
EUR 77.0000 78.0000
RUB 1.1100 1.1170
KZT 0.1780 0.1840
All rates

Cashless Rates

14.12.2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.7000 69.9000
EUR 77.5000 78.5000
RUB 1.1030 1.1230
KZT 0.1760 0.1880
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

14.12.2019 Buy Sell
USD 69.6500 69.8500
EUR 77.2000 78.7000
RUB 1.1050 1.1350
KZT 0.1730 0.1880
All rates

NBKR Rates

14.12.2019 Rate
USD 69.8482
EUR 78.0693
RUB 1.1166
KZT 0.1821
All rates