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Trade financing and documentary operations

Over twenty yearsour Bank’s activities are based on the principles of reliability, quality, fair business and advanced corporate culture. One of the most important goals of “Optima Bank” is to be a reliable and stable partner for the customers, be worthy of their trust.

High level of banking services, strict confidentiality and individual approach are the key moments in servicing of customers.

From 2013, OJSC “Optima Bank” offers absolutely a new approach to supporting Customers in the implementation of documentary operations.

Experienced staff of the Bank will consult and support customers from signing of a Contract till the end of the deal according to the chosen trade finance instrument. Our Bank offers documentary letters of credit, different types of Bank guarantees and documentary collections.

Letters of credit

Represents Bank’s liability on behalf of the client, to pay to the beneficiary (seller) amount specified in the Letter of credit upon submission of documents for the goods shipment in strict compliance with terms stipulated in Letter of credit.

Letter of credit is advantageous instrument both for customers and banks, as each participant of the transaction has a clear idea about their rights, responsibilities and standard requirements to all participants of operations.

Advantages of Letter of credit:

  • Preparation of L/C drafts individually for each customer taking into account all necessary moments to secure a customer;
  • Minimization of risks the Company may face with during the implementation of the deal;
  • Flexible instrument of payment;
  • Possibility to trace implementation of the deal via participating banks;
  • Safe settlements and payments by L/C;
  • Using Letter of credit, the Buyer may negotiate with the Seller for more flexible way of payment, e.g. deferred payment, for the delivered goods;
  • In case presented documents do not comply with terms of L/C (discrepancy in dates on documents, quality, quantity etc.), the Buyer may refuse to effect payment under L/C.
  • L/C is a banking instrument which is subject to The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 2007.
  • The most popular and recognized form of settlements widely used all over the world for trade finance deals.

Bank guarantee

Represents an irrevocable obligation of the Bank to pay a certain amount to the Beneficiary against the Payment demand, indicating that the Applicant failed to fulfil its obligations fully or partially.

Advantages of guarantee:

  • Bank guarantee is the irrevocable instrument, i.e. Guarantor will not be able to recall it in its sole discretion;
  • Low cost (compared, for example, with the cost of a Bank loan)
  • Risks of transactions are reduced to a minimum
  • Bank guarantee makes advance payments safe.

Experienced staff of our Bank will help to eliminate or at least minimize risks using instruments of documentary business.

Please refer to the Presentation on trade finance instruments.

For more information please contact our Global Transaction Banking Department by phones +996 312 90-58-58 (ext.1146, 1132) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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