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Online banking

«Online banking» - banking services in your office.
No more need to go to the bank in each case, stand in line in order to pay for one or another services or transfer money. Everything you need is a computer connected to the Internet and a key carrier.
Usage of the given system allows you making the best use of working hours, as it makes it possible to commit all banking transactions and obtain information about current state of accounts by staying within your office.
The “Online banking” system - it is:
  • Input, transfer to the bank and processing of various financial documents;
  • Indication of errors in documents, which were rejected;
  • Information about customer’s account status;
  • Receipt of required volume of outgoing report forms;
  • Ensuring of information security.
In “Online banking” system, you can currently handle the following types of documents:
From a Customer to the Bank
  • Payment vouchers in national and foreign currencies;
  • Currency conversion request;
  • Application for transfer of currency;
  • Letter certified by electronic digital signature.

From the Bank to a Customer

  • Response payment documents;
  • Detailed account statements in national and foreign currencies;
  • Directories of currency rates of NBKR, accounts of customers and banks of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Additional system capabilities

Using of models created in advance for preparation of payment documents;
Importing of payment documents in national currency from widespread accounting systems (option);
Opportunity to receive account statements automatically (for any date) on demand;
On-line check of the state of accounts in national and foreign currencies;
Weekly inquiry about the NBKR currency rates.
Data security
The system of access passwords to a workplace protects documents against unauthorized modification or removal.
Protection against unauthorized data reading upon transferring the same between participants in the system through open communication channels, which is ensured by enciphering.
Using of digital signature to check authenticity of electronic documents transferred through communication channels.
System management
  • Hot line - prompt consultations over the phone (312) 90 58 68 Internet banking customer service;
  • Visiting of a customer by the Bank’s employee when necessary;
  • Installation of new versions and additional training of Customer’s personnel.
Accounts are maintained in those types of currency, in which the accounts were opened.
Confirmation of transaction commitment shall be sent to a customer’s computer within 15 minutes.
Optima Bank OJSC shall install system equipment, train employees of your company for no charge. The Bank shall technically maintain the system including updating of versions throughout the entire period of use.
Basic mass of our customers belong to high-yielding segment, which care for their own funds, therefore the issue of their funds safety and security is of crucial importance. Our system differs by the existence of digital electronic signature mechanism.
Convenience and time saving are determinant factors, thanks to which the “Online banking” is attractive for majority of customers of our Bank.

Fee schedule for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs



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Optima24 New Internet Banking Service for Cardholders

Currency rates

Cash Rates

06/05/2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.4000 87.9000
EUR 93.4000 94.4000
RUB 1.0650 1.0900
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

Cashless Rates

05.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.2000 87.6400
EUR 93.4000 94.4000
RUB 1.0400 1.1100
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

05.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.4000 87.9000
EUR 93.4000 94.4000
RUB 1.0540 1.0900
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

NBKR Rates

05.06.2023 Rate
USD 87.5900
EUR 94.3038
RUB 1.0816
KZT 0.1956
All rates
*The rates for buying and selling non-cash foreign currency established by this Order are valid for clients of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

For conversion transactions on demand accounts of individuals, including through the Optima24 application, the rates for buying and selling cash foreign currency established by this Order are applied.

The established rates for buying and selling cash and non-cash foreign currencies are valid for the amount of 25 000 US dollars or the equivalent of 25 000 US dollars in other foreign currencies. For transactions for amounts over 25 000 US dollars, the rate is set by the Treasury Department of Optima Bank OJSC by agreement.