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Corporate Cards

OJSC “Optima Bank” offers corporate payment cards VISA for organizations and enterprises.
Corporate cards are issued by authorized representatives of legal entities for the implementation of the current travel and hospitality expenses.
Our cards can be used around the world. You can get cash, pay for the purchase in a store, pay the bill in a restaurant, both in Kyrgyzstan and in any other countries in the world and in any currency.
Cards produced by OJSC “Optima Bank” have a term of 2 years.
Opening a card account for the maintenance of cards in OJSC “Optima Bank” is free of charge.
Replenishment of card accounts can be done in cash in the main building of the bank and its branches, savings banks, as well as the cashless transfer to any bank in the world.
Together with the payment card, you will receive unconditional benefits:
  • Own current account, which can be used to obtain funds, both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad;
  • Quick and easy access to cash money anywhere in the world for 24 hours a day;
  • Money in your card account is not declared in crossing the border;
  • When shopping, you get rid of the need and risk to deal with large amounts of cash money;
  • When producing settlements abroad, your funds are automatically converted into the currency of the host country, regardless of the currency of the card account;
  • Cards provide protection against theft and loss, as upon notification of the bank, all transactions on your card account shall be suspended;
  • Free monthly statement from your bank account, with a list of all transactions in the past month helps to manage effectively your financial means.

Tariffs on transactions with payment cards of OJSC “Optima Bank” for corporate projects



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