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SMS Banking

SMS Banking – comfortable and modern service of the “Optima Bank” OJSC provided to the Visa payment cards holders which makes possible to get information on the card account via SMS-messages as well as manage your card account by sending SMS- message to short number 2424.
The benefits of the service “SMS Banking”:
Connecting to the service “SMS Banking” you may:
  • Obtain automatically the information about all the changes on the cards;
  • Make the balance inquiry and mini-statement on the card;
  • Timely block the card at any moment in case of loss/ theft;
  • Transfer the funds from one card to another within the “Optima Bank” OJSC;
  • Transfer the funds from the card of the “Optima Bank” OJSC to the card of the JSC “ATF Bank”.
How to connect to the service “SMS Banking”:
You can activate the service “SMS Banking” at any branch of the “Optima Bank OJSC. As confirmation of the service connection you will receive SMS-message.
How to use the service “SMS Banking”:
All messages should be sent to the short number 2424 in the following format:
Transaction Type
Message Format
Card blocking
XXXX – the last 4 digits of the number of YOUR card connected to the service “SMS Banking” FROM WHICH the transfer is made. If the card from which the transfer is made doesn’t connected to the service “SMS Banking” this transfer will not be performed.
1234567812345678 – 16 digits of the card number on which the transfer is made.
1 000 – the amount in soms. May be any till 50 000 soms.
KGS (som), USD (USD dollar) – mandatory letters of the currency.
Please note that all the words MUST be separated by spaces.
When sending a request to block the card it will be received an SMS with a code of blocking “REPLY, PLEASE, TOTHISSMSWITHCODEZZZZZZ” where ZZZZZZ – a numeric code. It is necessary to send a message to the short number 2424 with the code ZZZZZZ
Getting information about the balance of the card account
Getting a mini-statement
Transfer the funds from one card to another card of the Bank
TRANS  XXXX  1234567812345678  1000 KGS
Transfer the funds from card to the card of the “ATF Bank”
TRANS  XXXX  1234567812345678  1000 KGS
* Limit on the amount of transfers – Outgoing transfers:  the number of transfers per day – 2 transactions, the maximum amount of 1 transfer – 50 000 soms/1 000 USD
the maximum amount of transfers per day – 100 000 soms/2 000 USD
The service is paid in accordance with the Bank's tariffs.
If you change the phone number do not forget to notify the OJSC “Optima Bank” referring to any branch of the Bank. In case of untimely informing about the change of telephone number the messages will be sent by the Bank to the old number.
Also we remind you that in the event of closing of the card that is connected to the service “SMS Banking” you must inform about this the employee of the Bank’s branch.



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