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Social responsibility

OJSV “Optima Bank” strengthened its positions on Kyrgyz Republic market and became one of the most stable banks that support reputation of reliable partner and take into consideration interests of its clients and shareholders. The main priority of OJSV “Optima Bank” is offering highly professional banking services and dynamic development.
In its policy OJSV “Optima Bank” defined the wide range spectrum of charity activity. The Bank regularly help to the most vulnerable social groups, disabled people, and the Great Patriotic War veterans.
Shareholders and administration of Bank understand their responsibility for Kyrgyzstan future. All the difficulties influence the most unprotected social groups. One of OJSV “Optima Bank” charity directions is financing projects that are aimed on supporting orphans and children from problem families.
In 2000 on basis of Public Charity Foundation “Light way” orphanage Bank financed the program “Psychological support of children with problems in social-psychological adaptation” . Psychologists and students of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University “Psychology” Departments worked with children. This was one of the first projects, financed by our Bank, and we continue working in this direction.
In 2006 Bank took patronage under Belovodskii children psycho neurological orphanage, where money for buying medicines, food, clothes, and office accessories are transferred regularly. The Bank also helps other orphanages and charity foundations, which are aimed on children and teenagers protection.
OJSV “Optima Bank” does not forget about veterans, thanks to whose firmness and fortitude we live in peace, calmness, and prosperity. Our duty is to conduct all possible help to them. For implementing these goals Bank has been conducting actions of veterans support since 2005 in Bishkek city and Kyrgyz Republic regions.
Bank also conducts charity events of conducting individual aimed support to vulnerable Kyrgyz Republic citizens. Money are transferred on buying medicines, conducting medical operations, and other.
2007 year was highly effective in charity activity of the Bank. During the whole year the Bank monthly supported following institutions of social protection in Kyrgyzstan regions:
  • Osh city orphanage “Boorukerdik”;
  • Jalalabad psycho-neurological children home for disabled;
  • Belovodski preschool orphanage in Karabalta city;
  • Republican specialized Children home in Tokmok city;
  • Nijne-Serafimovski home for aged and disabled in Tokmok;
  • Balykchi union of disabled children;
  • Ak-sui orphanage;
  • Bakaiata children psycho-neurological home for disabled in Talas city.
In 2008 Charity program expanded its limits and included to this list Bishkek specialized Children home.
OJSV “Optima Bank” regularly support socially unprotected groups of Kyrgyz Republic. Charity and sponsor activity of Bank is important part of image policy, which are aimed on creating the image of socially-responsible company in the society. OJSV “Optima Bank” supports different commercial, social, and charity projects that helps to improve life of different social groups in Kyrgyzstan.
Charity activity of OJSV “Optima Bank” aimed on supporting vulnerable groups of people (disabled people, orphans, Great Patriotic War veterans, health care, children, and social institutions support, development of sport, culture, art, and tourism.
For registering the application on receiving the charity physical person need to present following documents:
  • application;
  • copy of document identification documents (passport of Kyrgyz Republic citizen, identification card, military card);
  • Copies of documents that prove disabilities or necessity of medical help;
  • Copy of Great Patriotic War participant;
  • Bank requisites (in case of receiving money through transfer).
  • For registering the application on receiving the charity legal person need to present following documents:
  • Application;
  • Project on sponsor support;
  • Copy of organization Charter;
  • Copy of registration document;
  • Copy of certificate from State Tax Inspection proving that organization works with charity projects.
All applications are considered by OJSV “Optima Bank” Board of Administration that makes a decision about charity or sponsor help.
It is highly important to mention contact information (phone numbers, e-mail, fax, address).


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