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OJSC "Optima Bank" offers an opportunity for trading and service enterprises of Kyrgyzstan to accept payment cards of International payment systems VISA International, China UnionPay and National payment system Elcard for payment of goods and services through ATM. Money from card operations will be entered on your settlement account within two banking days. At the same time it is not obligatory to open bank account in OJSC «Optima Bank».
Advantages for organization:
  • Allows to expand a spectrum of rendered services (opportunity of booking, advance payment) and to involve new clients who got accustomed to pay with payment cards;
  • Reduces occurrence of financial losses risk and mistakes of personnel because there is no need to afraid of false banknotes, to waste time on recalculation of money and giving of change;
  • Reduces expenses for transportation and storage of cash;
  • Increases the volume of sale goods and services because client who pays with payment card, as a rule, has an opportunity to spend more money, than purchasing by cash;
  • There is an opportunity to enter the program of loyalty (discounts, bonuses).

Advantages for your clients:

  • Provides a wide choice of options for payment;
  • There is no need to have cash at hand.
You receive:
  • ATMachines to service VISA,UPI, Elcard;
  • Free-of-charge materials (payment checks (slips), paper rollers, promotional materials, labels);
  • Free-of-charge training of employees to work with payment cards;
  • The qualified and timely consultation.

Tariffs for the services of the trade acquiring

Rules of servicing the payment card holders on POS-terminal of “Optima Bank” OJSC


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Currency rates

Cash Rates

02/27/2020 Buy Sell
USD 69.8000 69.9000
EUR 76.1500 76.7500
RUB 1.0620 1.0720
KZT 0.1800 0.1880
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Cashless Rates

27.02.2020 Buy Sell
USD 69.7500 69.9000
EUR 75.9500 76.9500
RUB 1.0550 1.0800
KZT 0.1780 0.1900
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Payment Cards Rates 

27.02.2020 Buy Sell
USD 69.8000 69.9000
EUR 75.3500 76.8500
RUB 1.0480 1.0830
KZT 0.1770 0.1920
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NBKR Rates

27.02.2020 Rate
USD 69.8500
EUR 76.0806
RUB 1.0661
KZT 0.1846
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