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3D SECURE – available security

What is the 3D Secure?

The 3D Secure is a unique technology developed by the VISA payment system that allows conducting additional identification of a cardholder by entering the 3D Secure password. The 3D Secure will significantly reduce the level of fraud when using payment cards online.

What is the difference between the Static and the Dynamic Passwords?

The difference between the static and dynamic passwords is that the static (permanent) password is used for all online transactions. The dynamic password is generated for each online transaction. The security level of on-line transactions that use dynamic password is very high.

Differences between the two methods:

Compared Functionality



Registration in the Bank Branch




You choose your password once

Dynamic password is sent to your phone by SMS

How to enable the 3D Secure Service?

To enable the 3D Secure service using a static password, you should contact the Bank Branch and register according to the instructions posted on: https://3dsecure.optimabank.kg:9653/way4acsoptima/enroll.

How will the 3D Secure protect my Card from Fraudulent Transactions?

Making a purchase using the 3D Secure technology in an e-shop that supports the 3D Secure technology, you will be offered to enter the 3D password that is known only to you. The presence of the “Verified by Visa” Logo on the e-shop website indicates that such e-shop supports the 3D Secure technology. After entering your password, an additional secure connection will be established between the e-shop and the Bank’s Processing Center, and data entered by you will be identified. The purchase payment will be made only after the e-shop receives confirmation from the Bank’s Processing Center that the identification has been successfully completed.

Can I decline the 3D Secure Service?

You may not decline the 3D Secure Service. You can disable the service of paying online through a Branch of the "Optima Bank" OJSC.

What should I do if I have not received the SMS with a Dynamic Password?

If you pay in an e-shop with its website having the “Verified by VISA” Logos, but the SMS with a password has not come, then click on "Have not received a dynamic password by SMS?” under the password input window.

What should I do if an on-line transaction was carried out on my account not by me?

If any online transaction was carried out on your payment card account that was not performed by you, you should apply to the Bank’s Branch and write an application. The bank will undertake a contestation procedure in compliance with the rules of the international payment systems.

Is the 3D Secure password always requested?

No, not all the e-shops are the parties to the 3D Secure Payment System. If a purchase is made in such an e-shop, the password will not be requested. In such situations, when disputes arise, you will be legally protected because your card is connected to the secure payment program.

The e-shops that are the parties to the secure payment system have the following logos:


EnterOptima On-line Legal Entities
Optima24 New Internet Banking Service for Cardholders

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