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SMS Banking

Dear holders of payment cards of “Optima Bank” OJSC!

A functional for money transfers via SMS-requests was created to make instant transfers between cards of “Optima Bank” OJSC. To do this a card holder had to send an SMS with a complicated combination of letters and digits which had to be remembered and be always available.

Now, after the launch of Distant Banking Service System “Optima24” money transfers between cards of “Optima Bank” OJSC and to cards of “ATFBank” JSC have become a lot easier. All you need to do is to enter the option “Transfers between Bank own cards” or “Transfers to cards inside the network of “Optima Bank” OJSC – “ATFBank” JSC” and make a transfer to the card you want. In addition to this, “Optima24” system offer transfers between all accounts of individuals which makes “Optima24” system even more convenient.

Please, note that the service of instant transfers between cards issued by “Optima Bank” OJSC is also available in ATMs of the Bank.

SMS Banking is a convenient and modern service from “Optima Bank” OJSC provided to holders of Visa payment cards which allows obtaining information on state of a card account via SMS and operate a card account by sending SMS to a short number 2424.

Advantages of the “SMS Banking” service:

By connecting to the “SMS Banking” service you can:

  • Automatically obtain information on all card transactions;
  • Make a request on a card balance and a mini-abstract on your card;
  • Timely block you card at any moment in case your card is lost/stolen.

How to access the “SMS Banking” service:

You can access the “SMS Banking” service at any branch of “Optima Bank” OJSC. You will receive SMS that confirms your access to the service.

How to use the “SMS Banking” service:

All messages should be sent to a short number 2424 in the following format:

Transaction Type
Message Format
Card blocking
XXXX – the last 4 digits of the number of YOUR card connected to the service “SMS Banking” FROM WHICH the transfer is made. If the card from which the transfer is made doesn’t connected to the service “SMS Banking” this transfer will not be performed.
1234567812345678 – 16 digits of the card number on which the transfer is made.
1 000 – the amount in soms. May be any till 50 000 soms.
KGS (som), USD (USD dollar) – mandatory letters of the currency.
Please note that all the words MUST be separated by spaces.
When sending a request to block the card it will be received an SMS with a code of blocking “REPLY, PLEASE, TOTHISSMSWITHCODEZZZZZZ” where ZZZZZZ – a numeric code. It is necessary to send a message to the short number 2424 with the code ZZZZZZ
Obtaining information on card balance
Obtaining a mini-abstract

The cost of the service is paid in accordance with the Bank tariffs.

In case your telephone number is changed, please, notify “Optima Bank” OJSC about it by visiting any branch of the Bank. In case of untimely notification about the telephone number change messages will be sent by the Bank to the number stated by you earlier.


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Optima24 New Internet Banking Service for Cardholders

Currency rates

Cash Rates

06/09/2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.4000 87.9000
EUR 93.5000 94.5000
RUB 1.0630 1.0900
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

Cashless Rates

09.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.2000 87.6400
EUR 93.5000 94.5000
RUB 1.0350 1.1050
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

Payment Cards Rates 

09.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.4000 87.9000
EUR 93.7000 94.7000
RUB 1.0500 1.0900
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
All rates

NBKR Rates

09.06.2023 Rate
USD 87.3849
EUR 93.4450
RUB 1.0745
KZT 0.1956
All rates
*The rates for buying and selling non-cash foreign currency established by this Order are valid for clients of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

For conversion transactions on demand accounts of individuals, including through the Optima24 application, the rates for buying and selling cash foreign currency established by this Order are applied.

The established rates for buying and selling cash and non-cash foreign currencies are valid for the amount of 25 000 US dollars or the equivalent of 25 000 US dollars in other foreign currencies. For transactions for amounts over 25 000 US dollars, the rate is set by the Treasury Department of Optima Bank OJSC by agreement.