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Rent of safe deposit boxes

Rent of individual safe deposit boxes is a convenient method for storage of your valuables. The requirements of storehouses of commercial banks are very high; therefore your values are protected incomparably more reliable in bank safe than in any other place.

“Optima Bank” has all necessary conditions to provide you with reliable storehouse with multi-level electronic protection system. Besides, the individual safes are guarded by the officers of the Ministry of Home Affairs and security officers of the Bank twenty-four hours a day.
Storing values in the individual bank safe provides you with opportunity to store and withdraw valuables without anyone’s control.
You can give the right to use the safe to the trusted person by power of attorney certified by the notary officer in satisfactory format of the Bank.
Individual bank safes are provided for storing of:
  • Business and confidential documents;
  • Cash and securities;
  • Treasured art, antiques and jewelries;
  • The valuable information stored on digital media;
  • Other values.
You can take advantage of renting safe for performance of bilateral payments on transaction with cash, for example in purchasing a car.
The given service can be provided directly to clients - participants of bilateral payments on transaction to depositor and the recipient.
Cash is pawned in safe by depositor only in the presence of the recipient and the authorized Bank employee. The key from the safe is handed to depositor. Cash is withdrawn from the safe only in the obligatory presence of both depositor and the recipient only after they demonstrate the proof of their identity.
You can use your individual safe from 9:00 till 17:00. 
In order to register the rent of individual safe you need to present the document that proves your identity, conclude the contract and pay the rent.

List of branches which render services related to safe deposit boxes:

Corporate Business Service Center
Bishkek Central Branch
Branch No.1 in Bishkek
Branch No.2 in Bishkek
Branch No.5 in Bishkek
Branch in Kara-Balta
Branch in Karakol
Branch in Cholpon-Ata
Branch in Osh

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Cash Rates

06/02/2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.5000 88.0000
EUR 94.0000 95.0000
RUB 1.0800 1.1000
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
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Cashless Rates

02.06.2023 Buy Sell
USD 87.3000 87.6400
EUR 94.0000 95.0000
RUB 1.0500 1.1200
KZT 0.1350 0.2050
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Payment Cards Rates 

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USD 87.5000 88.0000
EUR 94.0000 95.0000
RUB 1.0690 1.1000
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USD 87.5868
EUR 93.6040
RUB 1.0807
KZT 0.1952
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*The rates for buying and selling non-cash foreign currency established by this Order are valid for clients of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

For conversion transactions on demand accounts of individuals, including through the Optima24 application, the rates for buying and selling cash foreign currency established by this Order are applied.

The established rates for buying and selling cash and non-cash foreign currencies are valid for the amount of 25 000 US dollars or the equivalent of 25 000 US dollars in other foreign currencies. For transactions for amounts over 25 000 US dollars, the rate is set by the Treasury Department of Optima Bank OJSC by agreement.